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Our Client Testimonials

Testimonials at Mary's Cleaning Service in Cheyenne, Wyoming

"Mary did a beautiful job of cleaning my house! She cleans thoroughly, and made my house shine! Mary is friendly, prompt,and very trustworthy. I have referred Mary to my friends and neighbors. She provides the best Cleaning Service I have ever experienced!"

Dona S.
Cheyenne, WY

If you want it done right, Mary is who you should be doing business with! I don't have to check behind her. I am completely satisfied! My house just shines and smells so good when Mary is done cleaning my house! If you are looking for a honest hard working cleaning lady I recommend Mary!"

Cheyenne, WY

"It is really hard to find a Company you can trust. With Mary I never have to worry about a thing! Mary is very honest & dependable and the quality of service I receive is over and above any service I've ever employed. Thank-you!"

Elenora E.
Cheyenne, WY

"Mary is a very hard worker, extremely pleasant & honest and is always smiling! As I have gotten older, I can no longer do some of these heavy cleaning chores. I"am so thank-ful for Mary! I recommend her to my friends and to you! You won't be disappointed!"

Bonnie B.
Cheyenne, WY

"My family recently made a decision for my daughter and me to move back to the Ozarks to help my elderly mother and mother-in-law, who has a terminal illness. As soon as we decided to sell our home, I called Mary to come in and do a hard-clean. Her team had worked for me before on several occasions and Mary's work is top-notch. She was available within two days and their work was INCREDIBLE! Mary's team rid the house of bathroom stains that I had fought since moving here in 2009!!! She also called to see if we were pleased with the work-----I love a follow-up! Last Friday, the "for sale" sign went up in front of our house, a rural residential, and on Monday, we had an offer on the house, which we accepted. I believe that a huge reason the house sold so quickly was because of our loving upkeep and Mary's staff's hard-working hands!!! In my opinion, they are "Earth Angels." I could not recommend Mary's Cleaning more highly. She and her staff are kind, effecient, honest, fun, hard-working, and never are satisfied with a job until it is completed with 100% success. They clean houses with the same level of competence and care that they clean their own abodes. I only have one question-----Mary, would you move your cleaning service to the Ozarks so you can spoil me there, too?"

Janie Lindquist
Cheyenne, WY and Marble Falls, AR

"The life of an active businessmen and part time single father doesn’t always lend itself the amount of time necessary to thoroughly clean ones residence. That was the predicament I found myself in the beginning of 2010 when I first met with Mary about cleaning my house. Having never had a house cleaner before, I was a bit nervous and unsure of what to expect. Mary put me at ease right from the initial walkthrough when she showed me her cleaning checklist and really got to what I was looking for with respect to her service. From the very first cleaning, I have had nothing but exceptional quality of work. What a treat it is to come home from work to a clean house!!! I would enthusiastically recommend Mary’s House Cleaning to anyone looking to "lighten their load" by enlisting the help of a professional cleaning service."

David S. Haring, C.M.
C.M. Cheyenne Regional Airport

"Hey Mary, Please share with everyone... I can not say how much I appreciate all of you ladies! Thank you for taking such a load from me. I often thank God for sending you and ask His blessings to pour out on each of you! Feel free to add this to your testimonials... Mary's Cleaning Service is wonderful! Each member of their team not only cares about doing a great job, they care about you as a person. Don't waste your time calling around, just call Mary's - you will be so glad you did!"

Christina McClure-Pennington